For Trucking Companies

You're losing drivers to the competition with paper applications, SMS messaging, and downloadable PDFs. It's time to simplify your recruiting process and grow your trucking company with Eagle RMS.

Manage your recruiting department

Managing your company can be a daunting task, but the recruitment solution is here! Eagle RMS will help you run your recruiting department with ease at a professional level. Simplified by design, made with business owners in mind, our solution offers you a range of tools to make your recruiting easier so you can (focus on what's important to you) - your business.

Organized, on a whole new level

Eagle calendars' simple approach to recruitment and time management will keep your recruiting department exceptionally organized. Always know what you’ve done, what you're doing, and what’s coming up.

Lead Source Analytics - Know what works

Track and understand every lead source and always know which provides the greatest ROI. Then focus your time there. Track and compare performance between each channel or step in your hiring process.Track cost. See and understand the costs associated with the application and hiring process, then optimize your spending to save money.

Custom Forms Page And Referrals For Your Recruiting Activities

Customize aspects of Eagle RMS to integrate with your current systems.

Eagle Forms

Create your custom landing page with Quick Forms +

Adapt Quick Forms + to your needs.


Customise your form fields.

Make custom fields for your forms so you get all the data you need.


Add your logo and header and use it as a landing page for your upcoming leads.

Make a quick landing page whit your logo and header.

Simplify Application Process

The 4-Step Process to Make Your Application Fast and Easy

1 Step

Create your application forms.

2 Step

Copy referral link.

3 Step

Share your link and track the source of incoming leads.

4 Step

Generate your driver application form in a click.

Ready to improve your recruiting statistic?

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