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Simplify your job and speed up the recruitment process for better results. Make your conversion rate higher and go from lead to hired in no time. If you have problems with organization, changing data, checking applications, scheduling conversations... all of those problems are solved with Eagle RMS.

Manage your recruiters

Managing recruiters and their performances in one place has never been easier. See how they perform live and set them tasks. Receive feedback and notifications from recruiters, see statistical results daily and keep every application and recruiter under your watchful eye.

Simplify Application Process

The Process Makes Your Application Process Fast and Easy

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Create your customized application form

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Copy referral link and share your link to trace the source of incoming leads

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Generate your driver application form in a single click

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Get performance updates on your recruiters and keep everything organized and accessible in one click

Lead Source Analytics - Recruiters Analytics

Track and understand every lead source and always know which provides the greatest ROI. Then focus your time there. Track and compare performance between each channel or step in your hiring process.Track cost. See and understand the costs associated with the application and hiring process, then optimize your spending to save money.
Track the performance of every single recruiter and monitor their recruiting process live. Have the ability to set tasks, receive feedback and message your recruiters at a moment’s notice.

Organized, on a whole new level, available in one click

Eagle callender's simple approach to recruitment and time management will keep your recruiting department exceptionally organized. Stay updated with your tasks, leads and recruiters in one place.

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